Lisser & Associates has specialized in boundary, topographic, and construction surveying and land use consultation services since 1999.  We provide a full range of services to municipalities, commercial developers, and individual property owners in Skagit, Whatcom, Island, San Juan, and Snohomish counties.

Land Surveying

Reliable survey information is crucial to sound project analysis, both in the early planning stages and throughout all phases of the project design, development, and construction.  Our licensed professional land surveyors specialize in three types of surveys:

  • Cadastral — Basis for property descriptions, property surveys, platting and subdivisions.
  • Topographic — Locating and plotting of ground forms and all necessary physical features.
  • Construction — Layout of design data on the site and verification of installed structure location.

Our firm utilizes modern technology in all aspects of production.  Field data is obtained using electronic theodolite distance meters.  Office computations, design, and drafting utilize computers and plotters, and our staff is skilled in the use of computer-aided drafting technology.

Assurance of Quality

Emphasis on professional excellence has resulted in a demonstrated benefit to clients through cost-effective approaches to both field data collection and office processing.  In addition to successful resolution of land surveying problems, the firm’s staff is equally concerned with the provision of efficient and affordable service to our clients.  To that end, the personnel capabilities and support facilities developed by Lisser & Associates will address the specific requirements of your project.

We at Lisser & Associates are proud of our track record — we have demonstrated ability to meet clients’ requirements on a timely basis at a competitive level.  Budget control and schedule adherence is paramount to every project.  The firm’s access to highly specialized consultants ensured their availability to the client, while minimizing overhead costs and resultant project expenses.

As a civil engineer and business owner, I have appreciated working with Bruce for over 15 years. From a civil engineering and land-use planning perspective, Bruce and his staff have consistently provided exceptional survey work to support our projects. I have always been able to depend and rely on Bruce’s extensive knowledge of land-use regulations.— John Ravnik, PE
President, Ravnik & Associates, Inc.