Lisser & Associates provides a comprehensive approach to project development and administration.
Planning Phase

During the planning or predesign phase, we determine the required surveying services for the project, which may include:

  • Boundary surveying and/or research
  • Topographic surveying
  • Horizontal and vertical control for aerial mapping
  • Property and right-of-way ownership research
  • Project planning
  • Research of underground utilities
  • Identification of required permits and approvals
  • Preliminary project cost estimating
Mapping Phase

Topographic and/or boundary surveying drawings are prepared during the mapping phase, which may include:

  • Property acquisition, description preparation
  • Preparation of topographic and boundary maps

Mapping drawings are prepared from the survey information using AutoCADĀ® computer-aided design software with electronic files available of the mapped information.

Construction Phase

The construction phase may include surveying services such as:

  • Construction staking
  • Preparation of post-construction drawings