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Full-Service Land Surveying and Land Use Consulting Office Located in Mount Vernon, Washington. Serving Skagit, Whatcom, Snohomish, and Island Counties.

Our Services

Cadastral Surveying

The basis for property descriptions, property surveys, platting, and subdivisions.

Topographic Surveying

Locating and plotting of ground forms and all necessary physical features.

Construction Surveying

The layout of design data on the site and verification of installed structure location.

Land Use Consulting

Consulting for residential and commercial.

Serving The Community Since 1999

Lisser & Associates specializes in boundary surveying, topographic surveying, construction surveying, and land use consultations. We provide a full range of services to municipalities, commercial developers, and individual property owners in Skagit, Whatcom, Snohomish, and Island Counties.

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About Us

Assurance of Quality

Professional excellence has resulted in a demonstrated benefit to clients through cost-effective approaches to both field data collection and office processing. In addition to the successful resolution of land surveying problems, our staff is equally concerned with the provision of efficient and affordable service to our clients. To that end, the personnel capabilities and support facilities developed by Lisser & Associates will address the specific requirements of your project.

We are proud of our track record – we have demonstrated the ability to meet clients’ requirements in a timely manner at a competitive level. Budget control and schedule adherence are paramount to every project. The firm’s access to highly specialized consultants ensured their availability to the client while minimizing overhead costs. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

Land Surveying

Reliable survey information is crucial to sound project analysis, both in the early planning stages and throughout all phases of the project design, development, and construction. Our licensed professional land surveyors specialized in three types of surveys:

  • CadastralThe basis for property descriptions, property surveys, platting, and subdivisions.
  • TopographicThe locating and plotting of ground forms and all necessary physical features.
  • ConstructionThe layout of design data on the site and verification of installed structure location.

Our firm utilizes modern technology in all aspects of production. Field data is obtained using electronic theodolite distance meters. Office computations, design, and drafting where we utilize computers and plotters. Our staff is skilled in the use of computer-aided drafting technology.


We provide a wide variety of land surveying and land use consultation services for residential, commercial, and/or municipal needs. From simple boundary staking to complex mapping projects, we are here to help.

Planning Phase

During the planning or predesign phase, we determine the required surveying services for the project, which may include:

  • Boundary surveying and/or research
  • Topographic surveying
  • Horizontal and vertical control for aerial mapping
  • Property and right-of-way ownership research
  • Project planning
  • Research of underground utilities
  • Identification of required permits and approvals
  • Preliminary project cost estimating
Mapping Phase

Topographic and/or boundary surveying drawings are prepared during the mapping phase, which may include:

  • Property acquisition, description preparation
  • Preparation of topographic and boundary maps

Mapping drawings are prepared from the survey information using computer-aided design software with electronic files available of the mapped information.


Construction Phase

The construction phase may include surveying services such as:

  • Construction staking
  • Preparation of post-construction drawings 


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County and Municipal

Skagit County Public Works

Boundary and topographic survey projects throughout the county.

City of Burlington

Topographic and construction surveying for the Skagit River Park development; FEMA elevation certificates.

Port of Skagit County

Boundary surveying services for Runway Protection Zone.

City of Mount Vernon

Topographic pre-design surveying, Floodwall project

Burlington-Edison School District

Boundary, topographic, and construction surveying. And FEMA Elevation Certificates.

City of Sedro Woolley

Boundary survey and consultation.

Local & Support Services

Dike Districts

Boundary surveying.

Skagit County Fire District No. 5

Topographic survey.

Skagit Council Housing

Land use consultation, boundary and topographic surveying.

Town of Concrete

Topographic pre-design surveying, construction staking.

Puget Sound Energy

Right of way, topographic and construction surveying.

Ravnik & Associates

Topographic and survey mapping for the civil design of street work, Burlington Fire District No. 14, and several private developments.

Private, Commercial, & Non-Profit

Cascade Natural Gas

Right of way, topographic and construction surveying.

Landed Gentry

Boundary, construction, and post-construction surveying.

BYK Construction, Inc.

Boundary survey, topographic survey, preparation of preliminary plat, and construction surveying for a single-family residential plat.

TRICO Companies, LLC

Topographic design level surveys and construction staking.

Client Testimonials

“As a civil engineer and business owner, I have appreciated working with Bruce for over 15 years. From a civil engineering and land-use planning perspective, Bruce and his staff have consistently provided exceptional survey work to support our projects. I have always been able to depend and rely on Bruce’s extensive knowledge of land-use regulations.”

John Ravnik, PE

President, Ravnik & Associates, INC.

“High technical skills, a great grasp of project economics, and communicates exceptionally well with the layperson.”

Mike Spink


“Bruce is our “go-to” resource for depth of knowledge, expertise, cost-effectiveness, and practical solutions with respect to real property issues. Bruce is an essential part of the team necessary to complete any land-use projects”

Craig E. Cammock

Attorney at Law

“Lisser and Associates was very instrumental in helping our non-profit organization, Skagit Council Housing, acquire additional multi-family zoned property in Mount Vernon to expand our elderly, low-income housing project, Mount Vernon Manor. Also, after the property acquisition, he helped us complete a complex boundary line adjustment in order to comply with the multi-family density requirements of the city. We certainly appreciated Bruce’s professionalism and attention to detail throughout this process as well as his ability to work with a non-profit organization’s board of directors which often does not make decisions in the most timely fashion.”

Jim Vandermey

President, Skagit Council Housing

“I have known Bruce Lisser for over thirty years and worked with him and his team on numerous projects. His level of service and his integrity is unmatched by anyone in the industry. He is a professional that you can count on to get the job done right and on time. Bruce works well with all in the industry. I am always pleased to have him as part of our team. His commitment to the industry and his clients goes beyond the norm.

Bruce brings much more than surveying to a project. He has incredible knowledge of the numerous regulations and pitfalls that plague many projects in today’s complex construction process. His respect by permit authorities as an expert in his field makes a project flow smoothly and avoids the pitfalls that many in the industry face.

Bruce has creative ideas to solve issues critical to a project and offers cost-saving solutions that can shave large sums off of a project’s budget. He works diligently to make sure that all avenues to design criteria are investigated and he does his homework to be sure that his work is flawless.”

Chad Fisher

Owner, Chad Fisher Construction, LLC


Bruce Lisser, P.L.S.

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Bruce Lisser, Owner

As the principal-in-charge of surveying projects for Lisser & Associates, and the owner of the firm. Obtained his Professional Land Surveying License in 1985 Bruce has acquired extensive experience in planning and land surveying. He is also responsible for survey coordination, mapping preparation, and legal descriptions for property acquisition.


Kevin Lisser, P.L.S.

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Kevin Lisser, P.L.S.

Kevin has been employed in the land surveying profession for 15 years and is responsible for all field aspects of surveying: boundary, topographic, and construction. Kevin began working with Lisser & Associates in March 2014 and obtained his Professional Land Surveyor license in 2020.


Merry Maricich

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Merry Maricich, Office Manager

After spending numerous years in the banking industry Merry came to work at Lisser & Associates when we opened in 1999.  With her excellent skills, we have established the outstanding customer service we provide our clients with today.

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